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The UDC Software was born in the Rental and Staging market. Backstage on live events is where original testing and development began. Today HRS Control has customers in the broadcast market including NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Sky Sports and more.

HRS Control – UDC at the SPEED Chanel – Download PDF

HRS Control – UDC Software adds full control for Abekas Mira – Download PDF

Major UDC Software Features for broadcast

  • VDCP Translation (Control any device like a AJA Ki Pro, FS2 or Vista Spyder from any switcher like a Ross Switcher using VDCP to execute Macros)
  • GATEKEEPER iNews Plug In for UDC (View UDC Macros in iNews and drop UDC macro in to iNews rundowns. Newsroom / Broadcast room applications)
  • PBUSTranslation (Control any device like a AJA Ki Pro, FS2 or Vista Spyder from any switcher like a Sony, Ross or Grass Valley Switcher using PBUS to execute Macros)
  • Scheduling (UDC Scheduling features an Outlook style Calender view to automate control)
  • Lists (allow scrolling lists of clips to load clips on the Ki Pro, Abekas Mira or any other clip server)
  • Textboxes and Keyboard controls (have an onscreen virtual keyboards to type the name of a clip and start records with that clip name. Ideal for use on touch screens and tablets and also with keyboard and mouse usage)

Major controlled devices and products for broadcast


  • Mira*Includes Auto clip recall*


  • edje 4111 HD digital media player *Includes Auto clip recall*


Christie Digital Systems


Grass Valley



Lightware USA


Vista Systems


  • Viz Trio Broadcasters are always looking for the best solution to get graphics on air as effectively and quickly as possible. Viz Trio provides a solution to get the highest quality graphics on air for your broadcast with the least amount of effort.


  • Odetics


  • HR Series 4:4:4 Direct-to-Disk HD Video Recorders *Includes Auto clip recall AND Auto Playlist recall*

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