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The Scheduling feature of the UDC Software gives you the ability of automated control based on the time of day and includes a full Month Calender, Week Calender view and Daily Calender View. Define recurring schedules to trigger events and actions or manually add schedules to the Month Calender.

Scheduling features and abilities

  • Add Recurring Schedules for Automated control
  • Includes a Month view, Week view and Day view Calender views
  • Simple Calender views are simple and familiar
  • Set Action and Events to automatically happen based on time of day
  • Manually add Schedules and Events to the Month Calender view
  • Removed Recurring Schedules are saves so they can easily be added back later
  • Easily Enable or Disable the entire Scheduling feature
  • Quickly add new Schedules, edit existing Schedules or block out dates to cancel and add Schedules
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