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UDC-Remote Computer Control (UDC-R)

UDC-R now includes “Live Preview” features! Read below to learn more about this groundbreaking functionality

UDC-R is a small app that runs as a service on a PC. UDC-R is an extension app of UDC that allows any PC on the network to be seen as a device and controlled from the main UDC server running the Universal Device Controller Software.

UDC-R can be used for software products like Microsoft Power Point to move slides forward and back. UDC-R also has a continuous screenshot capability to display the active window to UDC and any web enabled device using the UDC Web Server (ie… watch a power point slide show on your Ipad including notes and slides, or watch screen shots of any application).

Video – PowerPoint control with a LIVE preview on iPad shown at Infocomm 2011

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